What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a very unique and powerful healing system, and it is a natural form of treatment. Homeopathy stimulates the body’s own healing capability and immune system to fight diseases that prevent the possibility of recurrence, and cures the disease permanently. Homeopathy is a gentle, holistic system of healing, suitable for everyone, young and old.

Homeopathy focuses on you as an individual, concentrating on treating your specific physical and emotional symptoms, to give long lasting benefits. The treatment is not based on the diagnosis of disease. 

Homeopathy is one of the two most widely used forms of medicine in the world today, because people are discovering the benefits of a system of medicine that is safe, effective and treats them as unique individuals. Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that treats mental, emotional and physical illness. It aims to boost the body’s natural healing resources.

Homeopathy is for all :

Homeopathy can be used effectively by everyone, from babies and children to adults, including women during pregnancy. Homeopathic medicines promote the body’s natural ability to heal. When prescribed appropriately, they are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive. They can be taken alongside drugs prescribed by your doctor and will not interfere with their beneficial action. As your condition improves, you may be able to safely reduce your conventional medication, thereby avoiding the unwanted effects that sometimes accompany the long-term use of drugs. NB: you should always consult with your GP before making changes to your conventional medication.

Complementary as well as Alternative :

Homeopathy is a therapeutic system. Its principles differ from those of conventional medicine, so also its approach to the patient and to the concept of ill health. However, it cannot replace all other forms of health care. It can be used as the treatment of first choice in a wide range of conditions and can be a useful addition, or “complement” in other situations, for example, to support good recovery after operations, dental treatment, chemotherapy etc.

Homeopathy can be used to treat the following problems :

Many other illness can be cured by this miraculous therapeutic medicine system.

Here are some QA’s that you would like to go through before you opt for homeopathy treatment.

How long has Homeopathy been used?

Homeopathy has been used for over two hundred years, but has an honourable tradition dating back to ancient Greece. It was Samuel Hahnemann, a brilliant doctor working in 1796 who developed the scientific and philosophical foundations of this gentler way of healing. These scientific principles form the basis of successful homeopathic practice today.

What happens when you see a homeopath?

Your homeopath understands that establishing good health involves treating both mind and body, so time is taken to listen to your emotional and physical symptoms. To stimulate your body’s own healing process, a remedy closest to your individual symptom picture is prescribed. Healing begins from within your body, strengthening your health and immune system, without any danger of damaging side effects. For further information, please Contact Us , and check out why you should visit our clinic.

Are homeopathic remedies safe?

Homeopathic remedies are a unique, potentised energy medicine, drawn from the plant, mineral and animal worlds. They work by gently boosting the natural energy of the body, and are very safe, even for pregnant and sensitive patients. There is no danger of addiction or toxicity.

What can homeopathy treat ?

Homeopathy is used to treat everything from acute fevers, sore troats and toothache, to chronic illnesses such as arthritis, eczema, asthma, anxiety and insomnia.Homeopathy: a little goes a long way… Over thirty million people in Europe already benefit from homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy could help you too.

Why is it so popular?

Homeopathic treatment works with your body’s own healing powers to bring health and well being.
Patients are treated as individuals, not as a collection of disease labels.
Homeopathy treats all your symptoms – mental, emotional and physical.
Homeopathic remedies are gentle, subtle and powerful

What can homeopathy treat ?

Small doses.
Dietary supplements e.g. evening primrose oil, glucosamine.
Herbal medicines e.g. St Johns Wort.
Anthroposphical medicine e.g. music or art therapy.
BACH flower remedies.
Tissue salts.

Homeopathic medicines go through various procedures before they are used on patients. Firstly, they undergo proving when the medicine is tested on healthy human volunteers to see what symptoms are produced so that they can be matched with the disease. They are then potentised to a particular strength.
Patients ask to try homeopathy for a number of reasons:

Homeopathy can be used when there is no other treatment available, when there are side-effects from conventional drugs and as a back up to other therapies :

It is said that homeopathy can provide good improvement in one-third of patients and in one-third improvement occurs beyond all expectations.
That means 60-70% of patients are improved using homeopathic medicine.

Do you need a homeopathic treatment?

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