My father Suresh Parkhi age

My father Suresh Parkhi age 82 years was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia four years ago. At first, he assumed it was just a headache and would go away on its own. After a few months of persistent pain, he decided to get it checked out by his doctor. To our surprise, the diagnosis was trigeminal neuralgia.

The diagnosis was devastating. The pain my father felt was unlike any other. Sharp and stabbing, it often left him unable to do anything but lie in bed and try to manage the worst of it. We had to adjust our lives around my father’s illness, as we had to take extra care in ensuring his comfort.

Fortunately, we came to know from Homeopath Doctor Mrs. Shefali Agarwal that there is remedy in homeopath to cure TN permanently.
Dr. Shefali Agarwal used a combination of homeopathic remedies, lifestyle changes and stress reduction techniques to effectively treat my father’s trigeminal neuralgia. Surprisingly, the treatment was so effective that my father’s pain vanished from the first dose.

We are thankful to Dr. Shefali Agarwal for homeopathic treatment and its ability to successfully treat TN. It has greatly improved my father’s quality of life.

We strongly recommend homeopathic treatment for anyone suffering from trigeminal neuralgia or any other chronic health condition.

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